Ranie Santos


  • Podcasts: Entertained and Informed

    Several months ago, I was thinking of ways to keep myself occupied and entertained with media that I don’t need to keep my eyes on.
  • Spaghetti Code and Meatballs

    Who doesn’t love spaghetti? I do, I hate it! But I’m not talking about your regular everyday spaghetti. I’m talking about spaghetti code.
  • Jekyll Cheat Sheet

    Building this blog with Jekyll has been a lot of fun for me. But while I was building it, I had to research a ton of stuff to improve my workflow and make this static site as functional as possible....
  • Misused Mixins, Placeholders out of Place

    Today I realized that I’ve been making a huge mistake in the way I’ve been using certain features of Sass.
  • Wrestling With Windows

    For most people, the first operating system they ever used was Windows, and that’s no surprise since Windows has completely dominated the desktop market for over 20 years. And because of that, an overwhelming amount of software is made for...
  • Regrettable Ignorance, Part 3

    If you’re building a vehicle and you need to finish it as fast as possible or within a deadline, you wouldn’t need to build every single component from scratch right? As the saying goes, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” But what...
  • Regrettable Ignorance, Part 2

    In part 1, I shared a little bit about the issues surrounding our thesis project in college.
  • Regrettable Ignorance, Part 1

    In this post, I’m going to briefly describe the difficult situation we had during our college thesis.
  • Educated but Deprecated

    Technology changes at an extremely fast pace. One might even say that it changes every day. So shouldn’t universities keep up?
  • Jumping into Jekyll

    Today I decided to learn how to use Jekyll, the blog-aware, static site generator.